Adding Oxaliplatin boosts Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer

A new study on the drugs for colon cancer provides evidence for oxaliplatin to enhance the survival rates for the patients undergoing standard chemotherapy for advanced colon cancer. Earlier, a combination of 5-FU with Leucovorin was the choice of chemotherapy for colon cancer patients which showed 26 percent of deduction in death rates but currently it was studied that adding oxaliplatin to this combination could further rise the figures to another 23 percent.

Dr. Hanna Sanoff, who is an assistant professor of medicine, hematology and oncology at the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine, led this study which supports earlier researches conducted on the drug based on larger group of patients. Oxaliplatin was used as an adjunct in past studies for standard treatment of 5-fluorouracil and was found to enhance survival in patients up to 23 percent. Though the new study bolstered these results, it focused over different group of patients with colon cancer especially those who were sicker, older, more ethnically diverse and had not participated in a controlled medical study in the past.
Oxaliplatin boosts Chemotherapy

In the news release of the study, author says that the findings reassure patients and physicians about oxaliplatin to be marginally yet consistently associated with higher survival chances for patients with the disease diagnosed before 75 years of age. The researchers have also found that last year estimates of patients diagnosed with colon cancer are more than 100,000 out of which a third had stage 3 cancer- advanced stage- when surgery is the only treatment. Colon cancer surgery alone shows survival rates between 15 to 50 percent from five years after treatment.

In order to have more strong evidences from the real world population of patients, researchers conducted a study over 4000 people with stage 3 colon cancer who were younger than 75 and have started with their chemotherapy not more than four months from their surgery. The addition of this drug to standard chemotherapy has been effective over elderly, those with other intricate health problems and minorities which were not enrolled in the studies.

Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman, a gastroenterologist at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital said that the finding extents the facts which already were known. There are certain adverse reactions of the combination which are neglected by the study but as far as survival rates are concerned, oxaliplatin surely proves to be beneficial and reduced the chances of colon cancer reappearing in few patients with stage-3 post surgery.


Adding Oxaliplatin boosts Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer
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