Autism can be cured if inner talks are done

There have been a large section of kids which face problems from autism. Autism is a condition where people face repetitive behaviors and problems with communication and social interactions. This problem with communication usually gets originated in the early childhood of the individuals where they are not able to judge how to use or not using the thinking in words.

However, in one of the recent studies conducted on the children with autism revealed that they also have the capability to use the inner speech, but they do not use the inner speech that well as the developing children do. However, if the parents and teachers or specially trained staff take the initiative to teach the children suffering from autism and encourage them to use the inner speech, then, the behavioral patterns of the kids would become bit different. The children are just required to get encouraged on how to describe their actions loudly. These actions can create a remarkable difference. This study was based on a fact that the teaching approach has helped to a great extent to help increasing the mental flexibility of developing children.

Researchers believe that if the kids with autism are learned to talk things through their head, it would help them to plan and complete their daily tasks which are highly complex. If this is done, then the people with autism may have the possibility to live a flexible and independent life. In the study which was conducted by a team at Durham university in England, it was advised that if verbal learning is included in the daily school schedules, then the autism kids would get benefited from that. The verbal learning should actually be preferred over using the written or visual timetables.

As per David Williams, who is a lecturer in the department of psychology at Durham University said that verbal learning is very helpful. When verbal learning is done, then most children would think of the situation in words when they try to solve any complicated problems or planning them. Most of young and typically developing children tend to talk out loudly for guiding themselves when they try to solve challenging tasks.


However, there is one drawback when it comes towards the treatment of autism. The “think from the head” is applicable only from seven years of age. Before this age, people do not have these skills. The kids with autism should be more encouraged to talk which can significantly improve their communication skills.

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