Best Medicine for Cancer Patients

Cancer, the word itself sends chills inside the body. It is one of the leading causes of death around the world with almost 7 to 8 million deaths in a year. There are people who get a successful cancer treatment but even then they can’t survive because of the weak body and the weaker immune response. One has to fight throughout one’s life if he/she becomes a victim to this deadly disease. Regular exercise is a very good option for patients for their post cancer treatment. According to a study conducted over cancer patients of different categories like- prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer etc, it has been found that regular exercises help in regaining some lost strength. Various exercises like- aerobics, resistance and strength work-outs were done by such patients for about 13 weeks and their stamina was found to be improved. They could actually feel better from within.

Some parameters which were under measurement were- body mass index (BMI), weight, and lower limb strength and blood glucose level. BMI measures an estimated body fat based on height and weight of a person. It helps to diagnose over and under-weight situations. Since cancer can come back again even after complete removal, so it is very important to take lifetime precautions by the patients. Exercising is as beneficial for a cancer patient as it is for a normal person. It improves mood, boost self confidence, reduce fatigue and lower the risk of heart diseases and obesity. Eating right and exercising is an age old criteria to keep fit and for cancer patients, it is the medicine to keep cancer away from recurring which is a very common phenomenon. To stay healthy forever, this is a very small price to pay. Also, it is well said- “God helps those who help themselves”.
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In conclusion, getting rid of cancer is in the hands of a person’s will power and in the way he follows all the prescribed treatments without fail. Daily exercising and proper balanced diet improves the quality of life. If ignoring some of the favorite junk foods and a little sweating can help save a precious life then it is worth giving a shot. Experts must be referred for proper exercise methods and techniques like aerobics, balancing and stretching etc. Doctors must include exercising as a part of treatment and must pursue the patients for it. So, if not fatigued then it is better for the patients to move the body a little.

Best Medicine for Cancer Patients
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