Brain scans help diagnose Dyslexia

Dyslexia also referred to as the disability to read and apprehend can now experience a major breakthrough in the field of research. Scientists in Chicago have found out some very interesting facts about the disorder and have come to the conclusion that the symptoms of the disorder in the child can be easily found and spotted in the much early days of his childhood. Now instead of waiting for the signs of the reading disorder and the disability can be found out much before a child even starts with the school.

This will come as a huge reprise for those who often get labeled as the poor students who cannot read. This is the main cause that leads to the hampering if one’s confidence in them. This disorder is usually diagnosed in kids aged between 7 or 8 but now it seems that the brain scans of the kids in a pretty early age of 4 to 5 can indicate signs of the disorder. This age is also supposed to be the one when the children are the most responsive to any interventions. This all is generally coined as the dyslexia paradox.

Till now the time at which the children get diagnosed with the disability turns out to be much late for the kids as by then they all would have experienced their share of humiliation and rejection among their peer group. This often lends a low self confidence and an all time low of one’s self esteem. Children with dyslexia have troubles in mapping the sounds of the spoken words with the letters that finally make up the words. Dyslexic children have to battle hard against this life struggle. Some of the early signs of dyslexia might include rhyming, mispronouncing the words or maybe confusing with the similar sounding words.

But these form a part of the symptoms that appear in a very early stage in any infant.  Dyslexia almost affects 5 to 17 per cent of the child’s population.  Children with a family history of dyslexia are at a further risk of having this disorder. Such findings will encourage the families and the various schools to help in the early diagnosis of the disorder and this might help in the proper intervention program even in the schools for these kids. Such practices will have to be given importance and priority over all the other things. The kids will need proper attention and intervention programs.

Brain scans help diagnose Dyslexia
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