Changes in Dosage for Meningitis C for Infants

Meningitis c vaccine is now quite popular among the individuals. The vaccine is made and prepared from the sugar coat of some typical germ. This causes a typical variety of meningitis. The sugar is conjugated with a type of protein and this when injected in to the body will lead to the development of the immunity to meningitis c. this will help in producing an apt defense system in the body. The vaccine is normally given in the form of an injection in to the upper arm of an individual.

But now a visible change is quite likely to take place in the routine of providing the meningitis c vaccine. There are certain new regulations that have come to the forefront. These have been introduced by the government advisory. Till now the schedule that has been followed included two doses at three and four months along with a booster at twelve months. People who are under the age of twenty five can also be given this vaccine if they had failed to get it during their childhood days.
Meningitis C for Infants

But still the joint committee on vaccination and immunization wants that the small kids and infants should receive at least one dose less of the serogroup C meningococcal vaccine. They believe that this particular dosage should be given only at a particular age when the kids grow up. This joint committee also said that the evidence showed that the protection that was given by the vaccine waned at a very fast rate when given to a child that is under the age of six years. And the studies further reveal that the excitation of the antibodies remained for a much longer period of time in the people that were vaccinated at a much later stage or maybe or ten years of age. Hence it has been very well suggested to cut down a particular vaccine from the dosage being given to the adolescent kids and provide them with it at a much later stage. The committee is yet to decide upon the timing and implementation of this adolescent dose. They must do this to ensure a proper coverage in order to keep the herd immunity at a right level. This all is still in the beginning and in the preliminary stage and much input and work is still required before any final decisions can be made. To draw the certain conclusions perhaps a lot more research is needed in this field.

Changes in Dosage for Meningitis C for Infants
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