Exemestane increases Risk of Fractures in Cancer

Exemestane is a drug that is being commonly used to treat the cases of breast cancer in women. It belongs to a particular class of the drugs called as the aromatase inhibitors. Some of the breast cancers need estrogen to grow in the human body. Aromatase inhibitors are hence the drug that helps in inhibiting the synthesis of estrogen and hence this blocks the growth of cancers and lowers the estrogen levels. In spite of being so effective in dealing with the breast cancers it is also believed that the usage of this drug can weaken the bones in a woman. The women using this drug exemestane should hence get a regular bone monitoring check up done to evaluate the risks of fractures in the system.

The drug supposedly weakens the bone by reducing the density of the bone in the human body. According to the recent studies carried out on around a total of 4500 women who have had healthy post menopausal conditions and belong to families with a history of breast cancer it was found that the drug did in reality hamper the condition of the bones. The drug apart from being an aromatase inhibitor also reduces the levels of oestrogen and hence the risk of breast cancer is reduced drastically to about two thirds. Thus reducing the level of oestrogen in the body does cut down the growth of the cancer cells. But again another study done that was done by some bone specialists in Canada found out greatly varying results.

Near about three fifty women were tested who were either on exemestane or a placebo. This revealed that those taking these drugs run a risk of having much weaker bones. They have a reduced bone density at the distal radius which is a common fracture point in the wrist and also at the lower end of the tibia. According to this theory there is almost an 8 percent reduction in the total depth and thickness of the protective outer shell of the bone called as the cortical bone. So it is advised by almost all the doctors to increase the intake of vitamin D and calcium in such cases. The supplements should be a part of the regular regimen and also there should be regular monitoring of such patients. These steps need to be implemented carefully to avoid and tackle any future fracture risks in them.

Exemestane increases Risk of Fractures in Cancer
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