Exercise recommended for Post Cancer Recovery

Perhaps every doctor you visit asks you to do the exercise regularly. Regular exercise helps to keep the body fit and avoid many deadly diseases. Some of the major diseases like high cholesterol, heart attacks, diabetes, etc. can easily be cured with the help of exercises. Exercises are also recommended for people who are looking to loose weight naturally without any kind of artificial methods. However, you would be surprised to know that exercise can also play a great role to cure cancer.

In one of the studies conducted by “University of Hong Kong”, it was said that cancer survivors can now improve their health conditions and focus more on their well being if a regular exercise program is followed. The study was conducted on people who suffered from lung, breast or prostate cancer. It analyzed 34 pieces of research to know what impact exercise can have on the patients suffering from the above mentioned cancer.
post cancer recovery

People who exercise regularly have enhanced blood circulation and frequent workouts help to keep their body fit.  There are about 93 people who took part in all the trials which lasted for around 13 weeks. Each of these groups participated in various types of exercises such as aerobics, strength workouts, and resistances. In the reviews published by British Medical Journal, the scientists have found that there have been remarkable improvement of the BMI (Body Mass Index), weight as well as blood glucose along with an improved lower limb strength. There were some other improvements which were observed in BMI, oxygen consumption, weight and hand-grip strength for those who were suffering from other types of cancer. Among the participated people, most of them also observed that they have a better quality of life and felt less fatigue as a result of heavy workout.

The research results would definitely be going to help those who are looking to get relieve from cancer related ailments. Health professionals would now be able to guide the cancer patients and would help to gain the confidence in them to fight against cancer. The quality of life which is spent by post cancer operative patients plays a crucial role in their recovery and the benefits of physical activity should not be ignored. With the new and improved research, it is now clinically proven that the physical activity and regular exercises can definitely improve many health related problems along with deadly diseases like cancer.

Exercise recommended for Post Cancer Recovery
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