Freezing Winter Weather on its way

As the Department of health warns its people to check local weather forecasts regularly, weather reporters caution that very severe temperatures and scattered snow showers will soon hit UK. The Met office said that there are full chances of extreme cold weather conditions to spread across many parts of the country which is surely going to affect health services and health of general public unexpectedly. The department reported a drop in temperature to be as low as 21.2F and daytime maximum of not beyond 37.4F this week.

The Spokesman at Department of Health said that people are the country and adjoining places are advised to keep a keen eye over local weather forecasts during such critical conditions which will help them stay alert and safe when outside. Also they, along with NHS and local agencies, are trying to help vulnerable people to withstand cold conditions and offer them aid from their own communities. People of the country should know well about the coming snow showers so that they are well prepared and does not get stuck into the hostile winter weather conditions. This period of severe winter weather will be quiet long and uncomfortable for the general public.
freezing winter weather

The Met office issued critical weather admonitions for ice to hit many eastern areas of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Wales and South-West England. According to the experts at the department the easterly winds blowing towards UK will surely bring the longest cold weather conditions for the people of the country this winter. They also said that the high pressure system dangling over western Russia and Scandinavia is also giving informal signs about severe winter weather climate.

Clare Allen, a forecaster with MeteoGroup at the weather division of The Press Association, stated that easterly winded are recorded that are responsible for bring high snow showers from the North Sea and thus England will see extreme cold weather conditions in coming days. Many parts of UK will faced 2C to 3C maximum daytime temperatures and it will be very cold for the people of London with a maximum temperature of 4C (39.2F). The minimum temperatures across the country will be -3C to -2C normally. She added that there could be a sharp drop in mercury to as low as -6C to -5C in various parts of England so people are advised to stay ready for cold weather.

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