Hot Yoga might prove Dangerous

Nowadays a relatively new form of yoga, hot yoga, is gaining popularity among the masses. This requires you to perform yoga in a room, which has been heated to temperatures ranging between 90 to 105 degrees. However, experts on the issue warn that this form might not be for everyone. They say that it could be dangerous for people suffering from certain medical conditions. High temperatures of the room can cause a lot of exertion that can be critical for different medical conditions.

Yoga instructor and physical therapist in the rehabilitation department at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, Diana Zotos said, “If you have sensitivity to heat, if you’ve ever had heat stroke or tend to get fatigued, dizzy or dehydrated quickly, you should ask your doctor before starting hot yoga.” She further added, “Anyone with osteoarthritis, any rheumatologic arthritis, pain in muscles or a joint, or any kind of previous injury should check with their doctor.” Apart from this, Diana Zotos also warned anyone who is suffering from heart conditions like high blood pressure, low blood pressure or any other form of heart disease should also consult a cardiologist before going for hot yoga.
Hot yoga

Those who are older than 40 years should take extra care especially if they are beginners in the field and must avoid hot yoga altogether. Zotos said, “Yoga of any type is physically challenging, and the heated environment of hot yoga makes the practice especially demanding.” She also said, “The heat makes people feel as if they can stretch deeper into poses and can give them a false sense of flexibility. This can lead to muscle strains or damage to the joint, including ligaments and cartilage.” There are in all twenty-six poses in hot yoga and she advises people to become completely familiar with all of them so that they are comfortable and do not overstretch their body while doing hot yoga.

“The heat factor also puts more strain on the heart and challenges endurance. That being said, people should be of good cardiovascular health; have healthy hip, knee, spine and shoulder joints; shouldn’t have balance or neurological issues; and should have a general tolerance for excessive heat,” as told by Zotos. Therefore one bust be very careful with the hot yoga if he or she is opting for it as it can strain his or her body to very high levels if one is a beginner.

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