Levels of male hormones before birth allied with language delays in boys

New study reports that baby boys, who have higher exposure to male hormone- testosterone- before their birth are more prone to language delay risks in comparison with female babies. According to Professor Andrew Whitehouse, the lead author of the study at the University of Western Australia, 12 out of 100 infants- which are just estimated figures- show significant time lag in their speech development and though this ability of language development motleys from individual to other, male infants show slower rates of development than females. This study was published in the journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry on 26th of this month.

Andrew, along with his team of researchers found that fetuses of male have high levels of testosterone than the female fetus which clearly explains the language delays in the later. The researchers used umbilical cord blood of 767 newly born- both male and female- for the study in order to gauge the level of testosterone these infants were exposed to during a critical brain development phases. The language ability of the children was then evaluated at early ages like when they were 1, 2 and 3 years old. The study also opened new dimension to judge the overall rate of language development among the infants as they grow.
male hormones

At the end of the study it was clearly seen that male toddlers with high testosterone levels are more likely to suffer from delay in speech, while contrary to it, no remarkable development problem is found with female infants with high testosterone exposure before they birth. This leads to the evidence of association between language delays and testosterone levels in male infants and how these levels affect the development of that part of the brain which is responsible of speech in toddlers.

Adding to his statement at a journal news release about this new study, Whitehouse also said that language delays prove to be one of the major causes why parents take their toddlers to a pediatrician and thus with the help of the finding of the study, it will be easier to develop an understanding about the biological mechanisms that prop up language delay infants as well as language development in a broad way. Although the study has given remarkable contribution towards finding the link between speech differences and testosterone levels but the cause and its effects are still unexplored.

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