Mindful Eating Helps You Lose Weight

Can you remember whether or not you enjoyed your last meal ? How long did it take you to eat the meal? Did you realize if you were full or not? What are some adjectives to describe the food in your mouth as you ate it? The answers to these questions indicate whether you are a mindless eater or a mindful eater.

Americans often eat while doing other things. In this era of multitasking, one thing that gets shoved aside is mealtime. Lunch becomes just another annoyance that takes time away from more important tasks, rather than being viewed as a welcome and enjoyable break.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you set aside time to eat, without being distracted by other activities, you will find that you eat less but enjoy it more.
Mindful Eating Helps Lose Weight
To become a mindful eater, separate eating from your other activities. Create a nice setting and try to take at least twenty minutes to eat. This allows you to savor and appreciate the flavor and texture of food in your mouth and it gives your stomach time to fill sufficiently and send chemical signals to your brain indicating that you are satiated. In the end, there are many benefits :-

1. You will eat less food.
2. You will become more aware of feeling satisfied and avoid negative feelings caused by overeating and indigestion.
3. You will be able to indulge in an occasional moderate portion of a high-calorie food.
4. Your digestion will improve, since the food is chewed more thoroughly.
5. You will taste and enjoy what you eat.

Want to make a meal mindful? Try this : Eat a meal or snack as slowly as possible. Pay attention to the tastes and textures that you are experiencing. Savor the food(s) so that you really appreciate the flavors and experience the enjoyment of eating. Now take a moment to think what you noticed. How did the food taste? (Sweet? Salty? Tart?) How did it feel on your tongue? (Coarse? Smooth? A little of both?) Did you chew slowly so you could savor the food before swallowing ? Did you enjoy the aroma before putting the food in your mouth? How long did it take you to eat the food?

One of our most popular and tastiest exercises practices mindfulness using a chocolate kiss. It’s truly amazing how much pleasure and enjoyment you can get out of just a few calories! When eating mindfully, you get more from your food, more enjoyment from eating, and you usually end up eating less.

We encourage women to think of food as a friend, not an enemy. The right foods, in the right balance, can make you feel better and live longer – one of the best prescriptions going!

Mindful Eating Helps You Lose Weight
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