Mothers Pushing Kids to eat more

A not so unexpected story now stands validated after the researchers in the US recently stated that the parent’s pushing to make the toddlers to eat can lead to them becoming obese later in life. These findings were not so much of a shock to many as this seems to be apparently visible and clear to all nowadays. Pushing the kids to eat more especially at snack time can make them getting chubbier by the time they are three years of age. Such parents often over ride their kid’s willingness to eat and also his body’s natural signals. The end result is stark. Earlier it was not so sure and clear whether the forcing by the parents was the cause behind the kids weight gain but now a number of recent studies have supported this theory. Children by their nature are ignorant and miser in eating and so it gets the parents to push them into it.

So unknowingly the children are being done the great harm in this way by their parents itself. Earlier this went unnoticed since the data was based solely on the questionnaires. Now after the researchers started to themselves observe the mothers they realized how at times the parents get pushy with their kids on the dining tables. These studies pointed at the clear reason behind the kids becoming obese as they grow. Parents tend to push their kids to eat more rather than advising and offering them to eat. In fact the families with a lower income and minority kids are generally at a more risk of being obese than the ones that are well sufficient financially. Such moms usually take better control of the timings of the diet of their kids and monitor it closely.
mothers pushing kids to eat

But the major flaw in this study lies in the fact that these were conducted at the labs and not in the natural home environment of these kids. So now these people are starting to begin with the studies at the homes of thee people with a lower family income. The routine of these kids and their mothers would be fully videotaped for further reference. But still it is well suggested for the parents to currently follow an expert advice and thinking and should give their children healthy and nutritious food rather than allowing them to feed on snacks and junk. Also the quantity of food should be well regulated by all the parents.

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