Overweight girls more likely to have acne

A surprising finding has been revealed when a survey of Norwegian teenagers showed that the overweight girls who were twice as their normal weigh peers complained of having a lot of acne. However the same link was not found in their male counterparts.

On the basis of body mass index, around tenth of the girls and 15% of the boys were put in the overweight or obese categories. It was also observed that 19 out of every 100 overweight and obese girls complained of acne in the past week. The number of such girls who experienced acne in the past week in the normal-weight category was 13 of every 100.
Overweight girls

Other factors were also taken into account and it was found that the overweight and obese girls were more likely to have acne. On the contrary, the problem of acne was prominent in 14 out of every 100 boys irrespective of the weight.  According to the researchers, the problem of acne is prominent between 10 percent and 20 percent of adolescents who experience moderate to severe acne.

According to Dr. Nanette Silverberg, director of pediatric and adolescent dermatology at St. Luke’s and Beth Israel Medical Centers in New York and a clinical professor at Columbia University, there are a number of physiological factors which can construe to the Norwegian findings. Some of these factors are high blood pressure, insulin resistance and hormonal changes which are concomitants of obesity. Hence these are some of the causal factors of acne.

As per Dr. Jon Halvorsen, a researcher at Oslo University Hospital, who lead the study, formulates that it can be the changes in the insulin and hormone levels which get changed in the overweight adolescents which can ultimately lead to the formation of acne.

However the pattern was not observed in boys and according to Halvorsen the variation is possible due to the polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is basically a condition whose causes are not well understood or known but the high level of male hormone is one of the possible symptoms which can lead to obesity and acne.

Genetics is yet another factor which is responsible for acne. Besides, as per other studies poor nutrition is also one of the factors which can cause acne. This can be in the form of consuming high-sugar foods, large amount of carbohydrates and anything that is bad can cause acne.

Overweight girls more likely to have acne
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