Strokes and memory loss : Lethal connection

In today’s world that is full of so advancement in the technology yet the misery and pains of the humans seem to be Hearing to an all time high in the recent times. There is a great development in the medical fields as well but perhaps all that to notify the even more lethal diseases and illness being suffered by the humans. The latest to be a part of this list is the striking link between the memory losses and the increased possibility of strokes. A recent study has revealed a pretty strange and interesting fact. Memory losses in humans are being linked to a possibility of having strokes at a later stage in life.

As striking and different it may sound to be yet the teams led by some people from the Harvard School of public health in Boston have successfully presented their results in this field. These people have been able to identify a strong link between the deadly strokes and the usual memory loss that occur in the people in their recent years. Though there is a kind of uncertainty that is prevalent in this research as the main reason that can be stated to be acting as the link between the cause of stroke and the memory loss is still not known aptly. The only reason and deduction that can be made out of this one is that the memory loss in indicative of an underlying health problem in an individual before a lethal stroke attack.
Strokes and memory loss

The study concluded by Dr Qiani Wang was based on the regular checks made on almost twelve thousand people aged around fifty years or maybe elder. Thousands of people up to the count of around two thousand were reported to be having the strokes in their later years. It was also found that the ones who died of these lethal stroke attacks had been suffering from the memory loss problem in their life. The percentage of people who survived the stroke attacks was majorly a part of the population who do not share a background of memory losses. To add to the trouble it has been observed lately that the memory score has been dropping each year continuously for those people that have remained untouched by the dangerous strokes. There has been a strong and surprising association between the steep memory declines in the ones that have died from strokes recently.

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