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Prolonging the Life of Massage Linens

Sheets and linens are essential items for a massage therapist.  Because the client is in direct contact with them, it is so important that they are always freshly laundered and spot-free.  It only takes one unsightly stain to cause a potential long-term client to never return again.  Unfortunately, massage oils are notorious for permanently staining linens.

Getting the most usage out of any massage product is preferred, as this will save money over time.  In today’s economy, nobody wants to be constantly replacing worn or stained items.  Taking some simple precautions and utilizing some basic tips and tricks to prolong the lifespan of sheets and linens will help to save the massage therapist from having to replace their sheets and linens on a regular basis.

Because there is a wide variance of sheets and oils, what works for one massage therapist may not always work for another, and what works for one set of linens may also vary from set to set.  For this reason, many massage therapists prefer to buy the exact same linens whenever possible, adding consistency and stability to their inventory.

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New kind of Depression Drugs found

How Psychedelic drugs work can be best understood by the fact that the brains of people have been tripping by consuming magic mushrooms. According to the British scientists, the conclusions drawn from this can be used to treat the patients who are suffering from depression. Two different studies were conducted regarding the effects of psilocybin that is the active ingredient found in the magic mushrooms and contrary to the expectations of the scientists, the results showed that the areas of the brain that are suppressed by the intake of anti-depression are the same areas that are dampened when the patients consume magic mushrooms.

New kind of Depression Drugs found
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