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Relieving Pain to Reduce Stress

It has been proven that stress is the leading cause of many common diseases and medical issues.  Although this may come as a surprise, the fact of the matter is that taking some time to relax and blow off some stress is actually a very important part of being healthy!  Of course, avoiding stress entirely is impossible, as it is a necessary brain function, but there are certainly ways to keep it at manageable levels.

There are endless ways to relieve the mind from stress.  For some, it means just taking a few minutes to decompress during a stressful time.  Other people may count to ten, or repeat a mantra.  These can be fine ways to deal with stress when time is a factor, but sometimes that just isn’t enough.  Many people find that seeing a specialist can be a great way to reduce stress levels naturally.  Massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other natural healers are great at helping the mind to unwind, while also promoting physical health at the same time.

Chiropractic care in particular can be an excellent way to stop stress that is brought on by physical ailments.  It is all too common for a simple misalignment in the body to cause chronic pain – a headache for instance – which can be the direct cause of undue stress.  A chiropractor is able to adjust the spine, freeing the pinched nerve, eliminating the chronic headaches, and therefore ending the root of the stress.  Sometimes taking deep breaths or massaging the temples just isn’t enough to get rid of chronic stress.

Relieving Pain to Reduce Stress
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Prolonging the Life of Massage Linens

Sheets and linens are essential items for a massage therapist.  Because the client is in direct contact with them, it is so important that they are always freshly laundered and spot-free.  It only takes one unsightly stain to cause a potential long-term client to never return again.  Unfortunately, massage oils are notorious for permanently staining linens.

Getting the most usage out of any massage product is preferred, as this will save money over time.  In today’s economy, nobody wants to be constantly replacing worn or stained items.  Taking some simple precautions and utilizing some basic tips and tricks to prolong the lifespan of sheets and linens will help to save the massage therapist from having to replace their sheets and linens on a regular basis.

Because there is a wide variance of sheets and oils, what works for one massage therapist may not always work for another, and what works for one set of linens may also vary from set to set.  For this reason, many massage therapists prefer to buy the exact same linens whenever possible, adding consistency and stability to their inventory.

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